Management Team

The Team at Paradigm Granite comprises of young individuals, who bring into the company a collective spirit & ambition of establishing Paradigm Granite as a leading name in Indian & Natural Granite Stone Industry. The average age of our company is 39 & it is this youthfulness which brings the energy that surrounds the organization & lays the foundation of its rapid growth.

Mr. Sameer Soni

Key Area of work : Management of the company, Finance and Account

He is one of the promoter directors of the company and brings his innovative contribution in Paradigm’s growth through astute detecting of every initiative of the company & effective planning. He is a man known for his unrelenting passion for quality has taken this company to new heights. He is a seasoned businessman & has a vast experience of over a decade in manufacturing and trading of granite products. His untiring efforts in constantly nurturing the company from scratch, has made it possible to achieve the recognition of being fastest growing granite company.

Mr. Sameer is a strong negotiator & task oriented man which inclined him to oversee general management, overall administration, accounts & banking at the company. He is a commerce graduate with specialization in finance.

Mr. Anupam Periwal

Key Area of work : Sales, Business Development & Quality Control

He is one of the promoter directors of the company. He is an entrepreneur with a clear vision, who established the name of PARADIGM in the Indian & Global market. The quality of compassion, foresight, wisdom, punctuality, single minded concentration on the objective, instant decision making have taken the company at this height with exponential growth. He is a commerce graduate with an MBA in marketing & finance from one of the premier business school of USA. After completing Post Graduation, he worked for three years in USA & returned to India with a view of permanent settlement and started this company to nurture is entrepreneurial zeal.

Mr. Anupam has been heading the International sales, business development & has been instrumental in devising quality policy at the company. When it comes to keeping client commitment, be it timely delivery or quality finish, the company blindly relies at him. To the outside world, he is the most visible face of the company. He is one of the most sought after name in the granite industry for his Pragmatic & Client Centric approach to business. Both clients & employees look up to him for resolutions in critical situations.

Mr. Sachin Soni

Key Area of work : Procurement, Business Strategy & Strategic Planning

He is director of the company & one of the most experienced (i.e. nearly two decades) member of the core team at PARADIGM, who has in depth knowledge of granite industry. His association with company starts from days of laying Paradigm’s foundation stone and he is responsible for continuous upgrading the company’s knowledge base, right from developing alternative channels for sourcing raw material, building long term business relationship with business intermediates in mining sector, keeping tab on market trend in terms of technical aspects of products being offered by the company, new varieties to be introduced in terms of colors, patterns, etc.

His strong Witt and ability to force the future trends, has immensely help the company to take the fast growth. He can discriminate between the good and bad easily & is a quick decision maker. He is backbone of the company with his hand on procurement of raw materials; his exceptional knowledge on rough blocks has been instrumental in providing the company a base on which it can grow. A witty man with hard negotiation capability has pulled the company out of several critical situations. He shares an excellent rapport with suppliers, clients and employees.

Mr. Anurag Periwal

Key Area of work : Marketing and Administrative

He is director of the company & is an aggressive individual, who gave the company required momentum for growth. His virtue of putting work before self & using his cutting edge skills to manage human resources lead the company to grow at faster pace.

He heads the marketing division of the company. His business knowledge & experience in the granite industry assist the company in meeting the client’s requirements delightfully.

Mr. Manjunath

Key Area of work : Production Management and Operations

He is General Manager at the company. He is the key person of the company, who brings in immaculate knowledge on Quarries / Blocks & different processing techniques of rough granite blocks(slabs). With more than 15 years of experience of technical and managerial aspects in quarrying & granite processing, he brought entrepreneurial insight to organization.

Mr. Manjunath is equally at ease of customer handling. His commitment, dedicated work and ambitious plans are a boon for to Paradigm Granite, which is set to soar high with existing opportunities & ebullient market encompassing the granite industry.

Mr. Raghav Periwal

Key Area of work : International Business and Business Development

He looks after International sales of the company along with Mr. Anupam Periwal. He has grand aspirations of taking business of the company to unprecedented heights and with great passion towards International trade; he has been successfully handling International Sales Division, with ease, even though he is the youngest member of the core team at the company.

He is a graduate in Business Administration and has completed Master in Business Administration (MBA, Marketing and New Enterprise Creation) from one of the prestigious business school of India. On completion of his formal education, he joined a leading Consultancy firm imparting services to SME’s and Midsize companies across various sectors, so as to understand business environment at grass root levels in which start ups and industries operate.

He come from a much diversified background and in his four years stint at consultancy firm he has to his credit working very closely with various banking institutions and top level management of the client companies. He possesses very practical and straight forward attitude towards work and life, which makes him a pleasant team member.